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"Hi, my name is Tai Shane.
I’m the founder and creater of The Brush Soap. I’m here to create great quality products for the beauty industry. This is my passion, and I want to share my passion with other artists out there looking for quality in the products they use. I’m not here to create a cheap factory made product. The Brush Soap is handmade by me from scratch, start to finish, with all natural, unrefined ingredients. It is not a melt and pour soap or pre-made base process that other companies produce.

I pour my passion into my products, believe in it, stand by it, and I personally use it every day. My dream is for everyone to try The Brush Soap and be in love with it like I am."

Tai Shane.




The Brush Soap is handmade from scratch start to finish with all natural, unrefined ingredients.  It is not a melt and pour soap or pre-made base. The Brush Soap cleans, conditions and sanitizes in one easy step.  All the oils in the ingredients helps to soften and maintain the longevity of your brushes.

Every  professional or non-professional person should keep their makeup brushes and sponges clean and sanitary.  While non-professionals should deep clean their makeup brushes at least once per week, for professional makeup artists it is essential to deep clean their brushes and sponges every night after use.  

​The Brush Soap is dye free, sulfate free, hand made from all natural ingredients and scented with 100% pure essential oils. It can be used on natural and synthetic brushes and makeup sponges. The main ingredients are coconut oil and Shea butter, both known for long-lasting hydration to prevent your brushes from damage, especially on the animal hair. After you wash and dry your brushes with The Brush Soap, you will feel a thin coat of moisture on the brushes's hair.  Sulfates are the detergent and bubble creating ingredient in most cleansers and is the main cause of damage to brushes and especially makeup sponges.  Since The Brush Soap is sulfate free, it will help prevent damage to your brushes and sponges.

The Brush Soap comes in one size
Pro 8 oz

All products handmade in USA
The Brush Soap LLC  - Las Vegas, NV USA

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